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Choose Atheism

You can continue to live in a fantasy world and keep these imaginary friends (God, Allah, Mohammad, Jesus etc). Or you can become an intellectually superior human being who follows a life that focuses on science, evolution, biology, archeology and  . . . the truth.

Rather than extremely harmful, dangerous, sexist, oppressive, violent, ridiculous, archaic, mythological, copied fairy tales.


• Do not read or believe in that horrible book - the Quran
• Never pray name to that fictitious God named Allah
• Do not worship or follow the example of that pedophile named Mohammad
• Do not be a hypocrite and act like you are fasting during Ramadan, when it is a fact that Muslims buy more food during that month than any other time of the year
• Never go to these money-hungry mosques
• Boycott Halal meat and stop cruelty to animals
• Throw that Hijab in the garbage and stop all oppression of women 
• For Shia’s: stop crying, beating yourself & preaching hatred towards Sunni muslims during Muharram, it’s all mythology & Mohammad’s family were terrorists (Ali, Hussain etc)
• For Sunni’s: stop sending money to terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, Hamas, ISIS and killing Shia muslims

Human beings (homo sapiens) are evolving right now. One group is branching out into homo intelligense superiorus, while the other group is dwindling down into homo religious retardus . . . a species worse than apes.

Here is a start to your path to Atheism and a beautiful life -

• Christian Atheists:

• Muslim Atheists:

• Black Atheists:

Leaving Islam: 

Books about Atheism:


• A better world without religion:

• Christopher Hitchens speaking the truth about religion:

Leave Islam, do NOT teach your kids about Islam. Enjoy life and live peacefully.

Best wishes to you all.


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