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Halal Meat

The Islamic term ‘Halal’ comes from the concept of maximum blood drainage. 

The religion of Islam was created in the 7th century by uncivilized, savage Arabs who lived in the deserts of the Middle East (Arabia).

There was, of course, no refrigeration system at the time. No freezers, no way of preserving meat for a long period of time. 

Therefore, when an animal was killed, the meat would have to be consumed very quickly. If it was not, it would spoil. 

These Arabs concluded that the reason meat goes bad and becomes infested with insects is because of the blood that still remains in it.

So they came up with the rather bizarre idea that when you slaughter an animal, you must drain the maximum amount of blood out of the animal during the killing process.

So the ‘Halal’ slaughter involves a slow and horrifically torturous process of slicing a blood vessel in the neck of the animal and allowing the animal to essentially bleed to death.

This satisfies the 7th century custom of draining the maximum amount of blood from an animal and thus producing meat that will not spoil too quickly.

Now, in this day and age, we have ways to preserve meat with refrigeration and containers. We also don’t eat raw meat anymore, so cooking processes we use kill any bacteria that may exist in the meat. We don’t need to torture animals anymore!

Halal slaughter is barbaric, archaic, tragic and completely unnecessary. Please vow never to purchase, eat or support the concept of ‘Halal’ animal slaughter. Support the ban of all Halal meat stores in your geographic location.

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