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Judaism began with the story of Abraham approximately 1800 B.C. This fictitious prophet is a direct copy of the God Brahma that belonged to the polytheist religion of Hinduism. The Jews did not even bother to change the name.

Hence began the disastrous trilogy of the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, then Christianity and finally Islam in the 7th century.

Since Jews invented Monotheism, it is no surprise that some of the wiser ones are now leaving it. In essence the inventors of a scam, know best that it is man-made horse shit.

Jews leaving Judaism:

Jews leaving Judaism is a delight and a well-welcomed phenomenon. They most likely will not be killed, which makes them at least better than the Muslim community.

The Ten Commandments, that are written in their holy book ‘the Torah’ is essentially a plagiarized joke, copied directly from the 42 Commandments of Ancient Egypt. The Jews decided to take their ten favorite items from this Egyptian list that was made nearly 1500 years prior.

Details: http://iamspirituality.com/42-ancient-egyptian-commandments-that-preceded-our-10-commandments/

In the United States, Jews have a control over the pulse of government, media, entertainment, internet and business. So much so, that if anyone says anything against them, these Jews will try to destroy that individual. By destroy, I do not mean murder. What I mean is that the persons life, career, livelihood, bank account and reputation will be annihilated.

Every Jew is trained from childhood to be a power hungry, money hungry back-stabber. You can keep giving them second-chance, after second-chance. But in the end, I am convinced that this religion and this community produce the type of people that incite hatred in the hearts of even the best of humanitarians.

There was a reason why Adolf Hitler killed millions of Jews in Europe some decades ago. A completely elitist society, not allowing non-Jews opportunities that they hoard for themselves. Pulling from within, tremendous nepotism and exclusion, taking over land that is not theirs, inventors of the Usury/loan shark system . . . the list goes on and on.

Ten Reasons Why Jews Are Hated:

Now, they put out a sob-story Holocaust movie every fucking year to make everybody feel sorry for them. Sorry Jews, you got what you deserved in Auschwitz. You will get another one if you keep it up. We are watching you.

Jew Watch: http://jewwatch.com


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