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The Sikh religion was started by a man named Guru Nanak. He was a Hindu living in India. He created this religion in the 1500's. He was uneducated but ambitious. 

In those times, in India, 99% of people were poor and illiterate. They were easy prey for any organized mythology. Wether it is Sikh religion, Hindu religion, Zoroastrian religion, Buddhist religion, Christian religion or Islam.

That is all the Sikh religion is. Just another fake, man-made religion started by a human being to control poor, illiterate people.

The good news is that many, many Sikhs are leaving this horrible faith and cutting their hair.

Here are some brave examples:


. . . and many many other stories.

Please don't tell me that Sikhs are peaceful. Read about the 1985 Air India (Flight 182) bombing that Sikh's were responsible for. The Sikh terrorist group Babbar Khalsa was the reason 329 people died. How dare you insult the memory of these innocent 329 people with your 'peace' bullshit.

Sikhs also murdered former Prime Minister of their own country of India. Indira Gandhi in 1984. Just look it up if you don't believe me.

In some Western countries, the government is so desperate for the slave labor of these immigrants, that they passed laws to allow these Sikhs to bring knives to school. They called it a 'Kirpan' and feel it is their right to wear it at all times. Ridiculous nonsense that has no place in the 21st century in a modern, educated and civilized society.


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